Advance your career with prestigious CMA Australia credential from Bangladesh (South Asia Region)
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The CIPA program is designed to help senior managers, managers, and accountants to create value for their respective organization, based on the principles of Islamic accounting and finance.

The CMA is the flagship program of the ICMA. On completion, participants will have developed advanced skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of strategic cost and management accounting and business analysis; and, in the process, obtained an in-depth awareness of the current developments in the profession.


Accelerate your career goals with the CMA credential

As an experienced finance professional, you want to keep scoring those career goals and move up the ladder. The next step in your career journey is the CMA credential.

CMA is the ultimate measure of excellence for business leaders. It’s the standard that potential employers or clients use to immediately assess your achievements.

Management Accountants

Management Accountants are seen as the “value-creators” amongst the accountants. They are much more interested in forward-looking and taking decisions that will affect the future of the organization, than in the historical recording and compliance (scorekeeping) aspects of the profession.

Management accounting knowledge and experience can therefore be obtained from varied fields and functions within an organization, such as data analytics, information management, treasury, strategic auditing, governance, marketing, valuation, pricing, and logistics, and other business areas.

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“Joining CMA program conducted by Prof Janek and Dr. Chris gave me a Broadview of how the finance function brings value to company as a strategic partner in surviving in this digital era. With the outstanding knowledge of management accounting, The CMA program provides an in-depth view for finance colleagues to acquire more value-added skills in estimating, forecasting, and strategic thinking, which CMA certification provides, especially for the Indonesian market that is currently facing disruption innovation across all industries.”

Dr. Leonardus Wasono CMA
CFO, Telecomsel, Indonesia

“Completing the CMA has made me to connect literally, ‘what’s going on out there to what’s going on, in here’ i.e. connecting the market outside, with back end monthly and yearly financial statements inside.”

H. M. Fairoz CMA
Managing Director & CEO, Singer Bangladesh Limited

“I had the pleasure of completing my CMA studies via the zoom classes with Prof Janek Ratnatunga and Dr Chris D’Souza. The 8-hour classes (over 7 days) flew by with great practical examples, good humour and testing analytical scenarios. The skills gained have been invaluable in my career, allowing me to add real value. Post qualification completion I changed jobs and gained a substantial salary increase. There aren’t enough words to express my heartfelt thanks to CMA, Prof Janek and Dr Chris”

Pete Kearney CMA
Senior Business Partner at Department of Corrections, NZ